155: Coincidence Or Not?

Broken Mirrors

Catalonia’s new president announces:
today’s the end of article 155
which allowed Spain’s government
direct rule of all Catalan institutions.

After the dire fall of Mariano Rajoy
with his entire government drowned
in the depths of the worst corruption
a new political period emerges.

I do not know if article 155
will definitely disappear or if it
will just be a make-up operation.

Its tentacles have grabbed everything,
permeated all layers of society
especially those of the very poor,

sent innocent people to jail or exile
let the most corrupted still run free
fascists neonazis at their own will,

prosecuted freedom of expression,
the works of artists, their photos, songs…
the voices of anyone who’s not convenient
to an increasing authoritarian regime,

where all masks have long fallen
where teachers are threatened and
constantly accused of indoctrination.

Indoctrination of what, of whom?

of creating the necessary debate on the excessive use of force
the Spanish police displayed against Catalan voters on October 1?

And I ask myself: can anyone of us teach without indoctrinating?
Aren’t we supposed to teach human values like love, peace, justice,
and respect for each other?

Aren’t those the solid foundations of any democracy?
Aren’t the students supposed to develop critical thinking?

Article 155 has also stopped plans for humanitarian help.
Isn’t that cruel?

We’ve almost been dispossessed of everything
like a river without water
like a ship without sails.

But now this change shines a little light
on the prospect of hope for something better.
At least I want to believe so.
Perhaps I am wrong but then
time will tell.

As I awoke this morning
and learned about the possibility
of article 155 disappearing
I felt a little glimpse of hope
for this necessary change.

And strangely enough I looked
at my current number of blog followers
and it said:

Coincidence or not?

Meanwhile my blog keeps growing
and has already surpassed that number.
With the seeds I’ve planted it
will soon bear delicious fruits.

In the spring of political change
155 must remain just an echo of
a number forever buried in the past.


© June 2018 Marta Pombo Sallés

22 thoughts on “155: Coincidence Or Not?

  1. I don’t know much about your political situation over there, however your words were truly passionate and urgent about the corruption and oppression in your area. Well said Marta.

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  2. I hope things get better Marta. I have been following what is happening there and know how important it is for the people of Catalonia that things are a reflection of them and not of a larger force. I am thinking of you for you want is the very best for the children in your care.

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  3. Amen!
    I sincerely hope the positive change you hope for comes with the end of article 155. It can be difficult to be positive in this desperate times but hope is all we have now else all is lost before it begins.

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    1. But this new one is not going to be as democratic as we think. However, it is a first step and, at this moment, the lesser evil. We will see. Thank you for your words.

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  4. I’ve been following about what’s going on in Catalonia and I must say I am glad things are shaping for the better. Someday, and someday soon I pray, everything will be all right.

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