The Escalator

The Escalator.png

I hold my folding bike and slowly tread
On a different surface today, instead.
I enter a huge shopping mall,
A place I do not like at all.
Believe me, what is the point of my being here
If I dislike any mall’s atmosphere.
Figure out there are more humans who abhor such places
Of fat capitalism written on people’s faces.
Yet I’m here, the bike on my right hand,
As you will probably understand,
On the left I’m holding a good lock
To prevent a nasty robbery shock
If I wanted to park my bike outside
Though now I’m inside, the escalator my guide.
What happens next is most strange
As I witness a sudden change.
The escalator’s speed accelerates,
Something not everybody celebrates.
Some people are afraid to use it now
But I step on it, though afraid, somehow.
When I do so, all goes back to the ordinary
Even though this is bound to be just momentary.
As I’m almost down to exit the escalator
There’s a sudden explosion, who’s the perpetrator?
Smoke rising, in the escalator a big hole,
But no one’s been hurt, it all looks under control
Though underneath there seems to be fire too
And something’s disappeared out of the blue.
Believe it or not, just do as you like
The escalator has swallowed my bike.


© June 2017 Marta Pombo Sallés


4 thoughts on “The Escalator

  1. Thank you, Quim. So glad it made you laugh. That is exactly the effect I was seeking. Actually this is almost the literal version of a dream I had and when I awoke I also laughed.😉

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  2. I read and read it again.
    On the surface it seems to be a nicely rhymed funny poem. But hidden are the uncertainties of daily life, the fear of losing one’s possession and the unknown engulfing us and all the things beyond our comprehension. Phobias of modern civilization and our helplessness to overcome them are sources of irritation in going through our daily life.

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    1. Thank you for your great analysis, Pranab. You nailed it! Our daily life fears and phobias remain in our subconscious mind. This poem is the mere account of a dream I had.


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