Fear Of Intimacy

Termes blaves copy

Sure? Yes, because I am an introvert and when I have the chance of a new relationship I recede, afraid of rejection because fear of intimacy is also fear of abandonment. When your whole life is a list of unrequited loves that is what happens. And you don’t have a new girlfriend, Steve? No, not now. I was dating Nina but she wasn’t really interested in me. However, I hope one day I will find my love. Well, then I wish you good luck and all the best. Thank you, that is very kind. It is good to talk with someone who listens to you. As you see I am afraid of everything, also of proximity with others even if I simply want friendship. And who are you, by the way? Certainly not somebody you will start a love relationship with. Yes, I know that but who are you? Well, I am…

I am a Friday, not a Monday,
a gay sparrow of hips quite narrow.
A sun or a moon? Well, see you soon.
I am what I am, do as I please.
Shall I try to make you feel at ease?
My friend, I will try to do my best
and hope you will take care of the rest.
‘Tis your sole responsibility,
I guess you have that ability.
Knock on my door and don’t ask for more,
Open your heart and let me be part.
If you do so, that’ll be the start.

Sorry, I still don’t know who you are. Perhaps my faithful companion?


© March 2018 Marta Pombo Sallés

22 thoughts on “Fear Of Intimacy

  1. Hello Moments,
    great poem, skillfully mastered to make your reader feel this ‘uncertainty’ especially when it comes to friend or romantic relationships. On the introvert thing, I think we got a point in common.

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    1. Thank you, I am glad you liked it. From the two comments on this post till now it seems I have been able to successfully enter the mind of the introverted people where it turns out that I personally am more on the side of the extroverts. Perhaps this is because my closest friends are introverts.

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      1. It is rare to find people who understand introvert persons. Rather, they are more asked to be changed by other people to fit in or very often judged in an unfair way.
        Many thanks to you for this post.
        Lyram Dinsmore

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  2. I sincerely hope that you find someone who loves you. My life has been a list of unrequited loves, just like yours. Even though I am starting to love myself, I feel like something very essential is missing in me without a partner. I guess I can only move forward and hope for something good.

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    1. Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment, Mvadi. I am glad some of you think the characters of my poems and short stories are me, which is not exactly so, even though there are always autobiographical experiences and elements in any person’s writing. For instance, I create characters based on close friends or on people who have opened up their thoughts and feelings to me. This makes me think I must have a great capacity for empathy with others. I am so glad this post spoke to you. I think everybody on Earth has experienced unrequited love at a certain life point. I really hope you find a partner, otherwise you must learn to live without them. In any case, always look at the bright side of life. Yes, move forward and hope for something good. I wish you the best luck. I will definitely continue following your blog. There is an artist/writer friend of mine who has a wonderful blog where (among other things) he tells about his life having been a list of unrequited loves. Perhaps you would like to have a look at his blog: https://savioni.wordpress.com/

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      1. You’re very welcome! Ohh, I really did think the characters of your poems were you. Thank you for clarifying that! Nevertheless, I think you’ve done a great job expressing how others feel and yes, I feel like you are very empathetic as you mentioned. I’m trying to be more positive and I’m also trying to rely on myself for more things. Sometimes it gets very lonely and I wish for a partner but I know that this feeling is temporary. I just hope I can learn to love myself eventually to the point where I won’t need anyone to make me happy. Best of luck to you too, my friend! Thank you so much for the suggestion, I’ll definitely see his blog. It’s always great to know that you aren’t alone. Have a great day!

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    1. Thank you, Quim. I came up with the idea of linking a post to an older one because I saw some other blogger do it. Thus the chances of getting more readers to your older posts can only increase. You may want to direct attention to the posts that are more meaningful to you.

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  3. Beautifully penned… I once had this fear in me because I was a bad introvert but when I opened my blog, another phase of my life was opened too

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