Faithful Companion


My most faithful companion

Is following me

Sunrays in the sky needed


I am your most faithful companion on sunny days,

I come into existence as soon as you are born and

The first sunrays pop in through the window bathing you.

Try not to disengage me on such days as I follow all

The movements of your body when you walk, talk, sit

Listen to your favorite hit

Your clothes fit or don’t fit

That’s it.


But when the sky darkens I disappear.

The eye of a storm kills me with its thorn,

Even the slightest clouds treat me with merciless scorn.


I pray to stay

And yell so well

I am the dum(b)bell

Of the body I dwell


Once the good weather is restored I am reborn

To follow you through life’s pleasures and pains.

You’ll carry me until your death

And I will listen to your breath

To your soul, to your heart pulsation.

I am your most faithful companion

But only on sunny days.


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5 thoughts on “Faithful Companion

  1. You are welcome, Dan. Thank you for taking the time to read this poem. I am glad you liked it. Actually my idea was to write a kind of a riddle, where the faithful companion, but only on sunny days, is meant to be the shadow, anybody’s shadow. A few friends of mine came up with other interpretations that I find equally valid. One person said it was the joy, an innate human quality. Once dark clouds appear it fades but it comes back again in our lives. Another person saw the Biblical sign of the Sun, a fatherly figure, which is also connected to this idea. A Jungian psychologist friend said it is the animus or the anima of the human being, the unconscious mind, which is indeed our shadow.


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