24 thoughts on “We Bathe In Rivers

      1. OK, I will not argue with you, Gary, but yours is really beautiful. I especially like the last verse for its “riffling” effect. The use of the two verbs in gerund captures the essence of life’s and nature’s movement. Water and life as a constant flow. It is like the river’s own voice, or, as philosopher Heraclitus said, the many rivers’. 😉

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      1. That’s so nice Marta.
        Oooh you can take your leisure to visit anytime.
        Your blog will go places, provided you respond well with your blogger friends.
        I feel you have already taken-off.
        I had a Roller Coaster ride to have my first 50 follows. I slowly learnt the ways of blogging. Of course there is a long way to go always.
        I wish you all the very Best.

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  1. Yes, Marta. Like minds. It is fulfilling to discover someone else has ‘discovered’ Heraclitus and has interpreted his philosophy as being so important for our apperception. An enduring philosophical concept. I like the brevity of this haiku.

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